Future Plan

Giving shelter,food and education for the people who can't afford that.

Creating awareness for the roadside people about cleaniness and hygiene.                             

Training self defense for young ladies for their emergency.                             

Creating awarness for everyone about corona pandemic.                             

Making helpful in shelter, food and basic needs for beggars throughtout India.                             

Creating awarness about AIDS and STD's for prosititutes,transgender and eunuchs.                           

Planting road side plants for the greenery and oxygen production all over the India.   

Giving training for farmers about farming which will be profitable for their farming.                             

Conducting free health camps for people who can't afford for regular checkup.                             

Giving water pots for people who have terrace so that birds get water to drink during summer.                           

Our Goals

Economical Aspects

Micro Credit ,Credit Management ,Book Keeping/ Accounts,Income Generating Activities ,Imparting and Upgrading Vocational and Working skill Production,Quality Control Packing and Pricing, Marketing – Internal and External.

Social Aspects

Fighting against social evils,Gender Discrimination, Dowry, Domestic Violence, Bigamy, early marriage, Female infanticide, etc.,Social networking – VLF, CLF, TLF, DLF,Social responsibility,Individual Support, Community Development.

Legal Aspects

Fighting against illegal activities through legal action.

Political Aspects

Awareness Building,
Understanding the issues,
Education/ Training,
Organizing/ Preparing


H.R.S. Colony, 27th ward,
Gangavathi, Koppal,


Email: social@minugutare.org
Phone: 7829641348