Orphan Care Center 

The primary mission of Minugutare Orphan Project is providing the orphaned, destitute, outcast, unloved, needy, sick, handicapped and/or dying persons, with a home, love, happiness, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual nourishment, the highest level of education possible, and a hope for a bright future.


We take care of the cows with real passion and Adequate nutritious food, clean drinking water, provision for free movement in gated pastures (at least small areas), regular bathing, and cleaning, washing, and disinfection at regular intervals are the routine care provided by the goshalas for the cattle.

Organic Farming

Minugutare is giving training on group formation, implementing organic farming methods, preparation of different composts and on sustainable farming practices.

Skill Development

Open a skill development centre for rural youths & we identify, locate and gradually transform unemployed individuals into employable & skilled artisans is the main purpose of training new artisans.


H.R.S. Colony, 27th ward,
Gangavathi, Koppal,


Email: social@minugutare.org
Phone: 7829641348